Best Toilet Fill Valves 2020 – Top 6 Fill Valves Reviewed

Exasperated with your toilet valve even though it hasn’t been long since you last repaired or replaced it? Is it leaking or has it broken down? Is it ruining your peace by making loud, irritating noises? We assume your reply is affirmative, since you are here with us.

To make a long story short, looking for a suitable toilet valve is probably not the most fun thing you can do with your time.

Therefore, we have done the work for you. We have studied that market to find the best toilet fills valves right now. From budget ones to premium valves.

Quick and easy we’ll help you find the best toilet fill valve for you and your needs.

Best Toilet Fill Valves

In a hurry? Here are the best toilet fill valves on the market today.

Best Overall: Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Universal
“The parts used in this fill valve are of premium quality”

Best Premium Choice: TOTO TSU99A.X
“flow of water has to be changed and regulated according to the user’s desire”

Best price: Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX
“Plastic body offers resilience, endurance, and long-life”

Very Popular: Kohler Genuine Part GP1083167
“adjusting system that provides effective water saving”

Good Budget Choice: Kohler Genuine Part GP1138930
“Superior-quality plastic offers endurance”

High Quality: American Standard 7381125-400.0070A
“Brass inlet connection prevents water drips and leaks”

Best Overall: Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Universal

Reasons to buy:

  • Simple installation process due to complete guidelines in the user manual
  • A huge warranty of 5 years
  • The flapper can be adjusted, allowing water conservation during flushes
  • Length of the flush valve can be adjusted
Reasons not to buy:

  • Flapper chain is made of metal; can quickly lead to rust
  • Flush handle in this kit is built with low-cost, susceptible to damage material

The 400AKRP10 fill valve is built with sturdy substances including rubber and plastic which are unlikely to get damaged.

The parts used in this fill valve are of premium quality which also contributes to the product’s longevity and strength. One of its best features is its ability to reinstate and even enhance the optimal performance of the toilet.

It is a complete package when we talk about reparation kits that are available in the market today, as it comes with color-coded spare parts. The proportions of this fill valve can be modified from a length of 9 inches to about 14 inches at maximum. This makes it a universally suitable flush valve for most of the toilets that are used in our households.

Another notable feature this valve holds is the flapper that comes along this repair kit. It is of 2 inches in length but can be altered when needed. This attribute will allow you to control the quantity of water that is used to flush the toilet, making it a smart choice for water conservation. In terms of the warranty, Fluidmaster has again won the race by offering a massive one for 5 years.

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Best Premium Choice: TOTO TSU99A.X

Reasons to buy:

  • Suitable for TOTO toilets of any model
  • Plastic build ensures durability
  • Height can be adjusted according to need
  • Hydropower production by itself
  • Doesn’t have fabrics
Reasons not to buy:

  • May require the installation of flappers
  • Rate of water refill not steady; it kept changing from slow to fast
  • Warranty of a year only

Equipped with the fascinating height adjusting feature that lets it rise from 7.75 inches to 13.5 inches, this valve is of universal type.

No matter which model of TOTO toilet is in your washroom, this flush valve will smoothly and effortlessly fit inside it. Manufactured with sturdy and durable plastic, this fill valve will not fail you in terms of quality and will last for years to come.

Installation instructions that come along are easy to grasp so you won’t have to call a plumber to your aid and spend additional money over that. Its unique Hydrotect feature prevents soil from gathering at the base of the tank.

Kudos to its EcoPower technology, this toilet valve can produce hydropower all on its own. This comes in handy when the flow of water has to be changed and regulated according to the user’s desire, which is another famed characteristic of this fill valve. This specific quality halts it from unnecessary water usage and its effects are soon reflected on the upcoming utility bills.

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Best price: Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX

Reasons to buy:

  • Double refill speed when compared to other brands (takes almost 20 to 30 seconds max)
  • Massive warranty of 7 years
  • Simple installation method
  • Universally appropriate for tanks of numerous brands
  • Plastic body offers resilience, endurance, and long-life
Reasons not to buy:

  • Not as silent as the manufacturer claims; does make a few noises while refill
  • Not good for hard water
  • Its flush rate cannot be adjusted

Manufactured by Fluidmaster, this toilet fill valve is counted among the highest-ranked products of this category. Its magnificent performance has even allowed it to bag the number-one position on the bestselling list of toilet flush valves available in global markets. One of the reasons behind its massive demand is its universal compatibility. With its height adjusting from about 10 inches to a maximum of 15 inches, it can suit perfectly well with toilets of a variety of brands, and not only Fluidmaster.

Another prominent feature is its higher refill rate where it beats almost all of its competitors. Its two times faster speed, thanks to its hefty turbo port prevents the water tanks from insufficient fillings.

Unlike other brands, this product needs just about 20 to 30 seconds for refilling, which means that you won’t have to sit too long to flush your toilet. You can even regulate the amount of water that is filled inside the tank by setting its roller clamp.

The fill valve is made of plastic so no need to dread about rusting anymore. The installation procedure isn’t hard and bothersome so you don’t have to hire an expert to fit this item. The cherry on top is the seven-year warranty that Fluidmaster is offering on this valve which is hardly ever seen in other brands.

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Very Popular: Kohler Genuine Part GP1083167

Reasons to buy:

  • Silently fills the water tank
  • Superior quality plastic provides longevity
  • Doesn’t corrode as it isn’t metallic
  • Prevents water wastage
  • Height can be attuned since it is the of universal type
Reasons not to buy:

  • Installation may not be really simple since user guide has unclear directions
  • There is no bottom tank seal
  • Quite a small degree of compatibility; only suitable for Kohler tanks
  • Water fills to the top but takes some time
Bringing up Kohler when we are talking about the finest quality toilet products is obligatory. This brand is famous for its smart and useful designs, and the universal GP1083167 toilet flush valve is one such example.

With a total weight of 8 ounces, this Kohler toilet valve is popular for its quiet refill technology, as it doesn’t make irritating and loud noises, unlike its other counterparts. It comes in a wide range of colors and is built with resilient materials like rubber and plastic so you don’t have to worry about the horrors of rusting that come with metallic toilet valves.

It is equipped with a height adjusting quality that makes it apt for almost all classes of Kohler toilet tanks. Another prominent feature of this flush valve is its fill adjusting system that provides effective water saving. Its credit also goes to the inlet of this fill valve being particularly low.

One thing that you need to bear in mind while acquiring this fill valve is to see if your toilet tank is appropriate as many people mistake it for another famous Kohler fill valve of a similar name. To avoid any confusion, just check the shank. If it is black, then you can purchase this model without any issues.

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Good Budget Choice: Kohler Genuine Part GP1138930

Reasons to buy:

  • Quietly fills the water tank
  • Superior-quality plastic offers endurance
  • Height can be modified to
  • Multiple inlets provide swift refill
Reasons not to buy:

  • Installing procedure may not be easy for some; the user guide has vague directions
  • Doesn’t possess a bottom tank seal
  • A small degree of compatibility; only suitable for Kohler products especially their class Five toilets

We are aware that a Kohler product has already been added to our list but what else can you do when the brand is reputed for its impressive toilet and plumbing products not only in America but across the world? Their GP1138930 toilet flush valve is branded for its silent refill technology which guarantees its smooth and noiseless performance.

What’s great about this toilet fill valve is that it can be personalized and customized according to your desires, kudos to its color-coded valves that can be exchanged with each other.

With its height adjusting system, it can be enlarged from 8 inches to almost 13 inches quite easily. This makes it apt for a wide range of toilet tanks manufactured by Kohler. Its hard-wearing plastic components make it immune to common damages.

You can even manage the quantity of water in the container by regulating the fill valve and thereby saving tons of water from regular wastage. Just move the adjustment bolt in a clockwise direction to bring the floating ball up to the mark where you want to fill your tank.

While this toilet fill valve seems akin to the previous Kohler product that we’ve discussed, they are not the same. This one right here has a lower fill when compared to the former product, so you need to be certain whether it’s perfect for your toilet tank or not. If its shank is grey, then this product should be your go-to choice.

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High Quality: American Standard 7381125-400.0070A

Reasons to buy:

  • Installation technique is simple to grasp, even for novices
  • Controlling and assembly system conserves water
  • Coupling nuts and locks offer perfectly tight fittings
  • Brass inlet connection prevents water drips and leaks
Reasons not to buy:

  • Universal type yet not for toilets of brands other than American Standard
  • Water hose isn’t big enough, therefore refills are prolonged
  • Regulating water levels isn’t simple enough

American Standard is well-known for its extensive past of manufacturing superior quality toilet products with well-thought designs. Their 400A toilet valve kit comes with necessary items including the locks and coupling nuts to ensure perfect and tight fittings.

The best feature of this product is its water controlling and assembling system since it plays a vital role in conserving water and prevents wastage. The inlet point is manufactured with superior quality brass that lets it fit impeccably without any chances of water drips or seepage. This feature is unique in contrast to its competitors from popular brands.

Installing this fill valve is also quite easy therefore an expert won’t be required for its fitting. The user manual comprises of complete and easy-to-grasp guidelines so you can set this fill valve all by yourself.

This toilet valve kit also comes with essential components like refill tubes and clips, saving you from extra expenditure. It comes in a black plastic body, which guards against its deterioration. The refill system is also quite noiseless, delivering quiet performance and excellent function.

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Types of Toilet Fills/Flush Valves

There are different types of toilet fills. Here are the most popular ones.

Diaphragm Valve

This style of fill valves is quite traditional, yet we can still see many brands opting for it. In previous times, these were manufactured with plastic, but today’s contemporary ones are built with brass. The diaphragm design is mostly confused with the ballcock ones, as some of their components including balls and float arms resemble a lot. But these designs aren’t as similar as they seem. Equipped with the anti-siphoning feature, this kind of fill valve consists of a lid that opens or shuts while the movement of water is being regulated or changed.

One minor inconvenience is the not-so-easy restoration process. Which is why most users have to go with changing it altogether with a new diaphragm valve. Luckily, they are not very expensive so purchasing them occasionally will not be a burden on your pocket.

Plunger or ballcock valve

This one is also an older design yet is still used. They commonly have a brass build and come with a low discharge pipe as well as a connected float ball. This floating ball shuts or opens the stem of this fill valve, according to the extent of water that is inside the tank. The plunger also comprises a washer made of rubber which if ruined, cannot be repaired. Any big fault in the ballcock valve will most likely lead to a replacement since this valve does not go along with contemporary methods of plumbing that are used today.

Cupless or Floatless ballcock valve

Also famous by the name of ‘cupless’ fill valve, this design is equipped with the power of detecting the pressure applied by water and identifying the height where the water reaches, merely from the base of the tank, thanks to the diaphragm that comes along with it. It doesn’t use a cup or ball for this purpose. This flush valve is also made in the anti-siphoning style yet it is considered to be a much modern design in that category. These cupless valves can easily function even when they are submerged in water. Adjusting these cupless valves is not very difficult too. You can do so by simply rotating the screw that is positioned on the head of the valve.

Since these were especially used for toilets that had tanks at lower levels in the past, these floatless ballcock valves are not the best option for today’s contemporary toilets.

Container or Floating cup valve

This cup style valves are one the most popular and recent designs of toilet fill valves that are manufactured today. Most of the toilets we get in the market nowadays are likely to be equipped with the container fill valves. The most prominent feature of this type is the ability to modify and adjust the size of this valve according to our requirements. This makes it universally suitable for numerous toilets. If you can get it within the lengths of 7 to 13 inches, then it would be perfect for any of your toilets.

The water level is managed by a floating cup as the name suggests. These cup valves are extremely simple to use, fit, and manage. So most people usually replace their older designs with this style.

How to find the best toilet fill valve for you

We are aware that deciding upon a fill valve for your toilet can be bothersome, and time-taking. So what should you do?

Always go for well-trusted brands

We suggest that you should avoid buying toilet valves from manufacturers that aren’t popular. Kohler, Fluidmaster, TOTO, and American Standard are some of the most reputed companies in the world of plumbing and toilet products.

Read reviews and check ratings

Search the web to get acquainted with the available options in the market, and find their ratings. Along with others, we recommend you thoroughly read our reviews included on this page to make a wise and timely decision.

Check warranty

Always make sure the manufacturer is offering a longer period of warranty for your choice of product. More than 3 years is always a good deal.

Adjustable height

Valves with this feature are known as universal since they can fit almost all toilet tanks so you don’t have to spend ages over finding the perfect sized option. They can be easily customized to your needs.

Quiet fill

It should be almost noiseless during the water refills since no one likes to use a toilet where there isn’t a quiet environment.

Simple installation method

Your purchase should come with an easy-to-understand user manual with complete instructions so that no expertise is needed to fit it.

Water Conservation

It is our responsibility to avoid wastage of Earth’s precious natural resources. Therefore, we can’t stress enough how important it is to always buy toilet valves that save water.

How to check the compatibility of the toilet valve

Before buying a fill valve you must ensure that it’s the perfect size for your toilet tank. You should know that valves are of various kinds and sizes. It is necessary that you carefully read the product details before making a purchase. It is sensible if you go with the one that is similar in design and proportions to the one that you are planning to change.

Measuring the height and width of the water container is also recommended so you can fit and install your new valve later without any issues. Adjustable valves always come in handy since they fit into almost every kind of toilet.

Which material is best for the toilet fill valve

Although a few components can be constructed with metal, we suggest that you do not go with fill valves that are entirely made of metal since they are prone to rust and water damage. The perfect materials in our opinion are plastic, rubber, and ABS substances since they are resilient and enhance the endurance and life of the product.


It is a smart habit to keep a sharp eye on your toilet fill valve since they are vulnerable to faults and damage. If you find drips or leaks, or it has started making annoying noises, then it is time to check the fill valve of your toilet. This is important if you want a smooth and hassle-free experience.