Tippmann TMC Review – Magfed paintball gun

If you are a regular reader here at Soldierdaily, then you’ll know that I’m a fan of milsim (military simulation). So it should not come as a surprise that Tippman TMC is up next for review.

This is a cheap magfed paintball gun that differs from the other markers that use magazine clips. Both in a positive and a negative way. We will go through everything that you need to know before buying the TMC.

So get ready for all-out warfare, it’s time for a Tippman TMC review!

In-depth Tippmann TMC review

Before we jump into the actual specifics of this gun, let’s step back a little and define what Tippman TMC actually is.

If you have shot a Tippmann marker before, then you know what it’s all about. Fundamentally the TMC is not much different from the Cronus and 98.

The base of Tippmann’s guns is pretty much the same. Tippmann is known for producing highly reliable and comfortable paintball markers. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

What makes this gun stand out from the other Tippmann’s is the fact that it is a magfed marker. But it also stands out when compared to other magfed paintball guns.

With that background check, let’s dive into the specifics of the TMC!

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Design & Feel

Like all recently released Tippmann’s, the TMC is very comfortable. It will probably be the first thing you’ll notice. The rubber grip has finger shapes cut out, which gives it a soft and natural feel in your hands.

TMC is also very light, some would even say it’s strangely light. When looking at the marker you’d think it weighs more than it actually does. I read some review saying Tippmann TMC is a heavy gun. I’m sorry, what!? That couldn’t be much further from the truth. When the marker has a magazine it comes at 4lbs (1.8 kg) and when it uses a hopper it’s down at 3lbs 15 oz (1.7kg). Lightweight!

At the back of the gun, you have a stock that can be pushed in and out, making the marker longer or shorter. A great option for modification.

The gun is made out of aluminum. Although, the charging handle is made out of plastic. I don’t think that would be a problem for anyone, but it’s still weird. Why would this little piece be plastic when the rest is not? Even though it’s plastic, I don’t think it would break easily. But I would rather have an aluminum handle than a plastic one. Just in case.

Design-wise it’s a cool paintball marker, for a change. It looks like a real rifle, which is nice for those who crave military simulation. Even with the hopper on it looks pretty cool. But if you buy this gun it should be because you want a magfed paintball marker and not a hopper one. It’s nice to have the option for occasional use of a hopper, though.

Overall this is a comfortable and great looking marker that replicates the M4 carbine.

Quick intelligence
Really comfortable
Looks like an M4
Customizable stock


Tippmann TMC is a semi-automatic (mechanical) marker that can shoot up to 150+ feet (46+ meters). Not bad at all.

Just like all the other Tippmann markers, it’s made out of high-quality material. When you buy a Tippmann, you know you’ll get a reliable gun that will stand the test of time. Few manufacturers can compete with Tippmann’s quality and reliability. TMC is no exception.

A lot of magazines in the paintball market are easily damaged. TMC, though, has built a solid construction around the magazine – making it hard as a rock.

Other magfed guns give the feeling of holding your grandmother’s porcelain. With TMC you don’t have to run around being scared of accidentally dropping it, or even borrowing it out to a friend.

One of the cons to this marker is that it doesn’t work with First Strike Paintballs. A shame! I would imagine that people who mainly play with magfed markers are interested in military simulations. Speedball is not their main objective. And those people will not spray their opponents. They rather sneak around and handle their paintballs in a more conservative way. Therefore accuracy is “more” important and thus I do not understand why they wouldn’t give the option to play with First Strike Paintballs.

Even though you are “stuck” with normal paintballs, it’s still a great gun with high accuracy. The kick is not too intense and the sound signature is not too loud. Both sound and kick would go under the category “medium”.

Being of such a light weight gives you the option to run around all day without being tired in your arms from carrying the gun.

Quick intelligence
High accuracy

Who’s the Tippmann TMC for?

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The Tippmann TMC is a great starter gun for those who wish to play with magfed. It’s lightweight, easy to handle and has good accuracy. TMC also has a solid structure, making it a reliable friend that will be with you for a long time.

It’s also a very cheap paintball gun, especially when you look at what you get. Overall it’s a great investment for a new player who wishes to play with magazines instead of hoppers (even though it’s possible to use a hopper).

The marker will give you a nice feeling of being a real soldier with a device that will hit the targets you aim at.

It also has a safety switch, which should be kept on when not in the field. The safety switch, lightweight and quality of the material makes it a superb choice for beginners and younger people.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates?

Yes, no question about it. This is a great gun if you are looking for a magfed paintball marker.

Advanced soldier

Depending on what you are looking for; this could be both a good and a bad buy. If you are looking for a speedball marker, then this is not for you. If you are playing woodsball and wish to have a magfed gun, then this is a lovely choice.

As stated above, the construction is very solid. It has a flash suppressor, rear sight, front sight and a collapsible stock. You can swap to playing with a hopper instead of a magfed if you wish, so it’s quite flexible in that way. Note that you can’t play with both at the same time.

If you have been fighting on the paintball grounds for some time, then you might have tried a Tippmann marker before. If you have, then I can assure you that this marker gives the exact same feeling. Since the construction is almost identical with the Cronus and 98 models.

The gun is accurate, lightweight and looks awesome. It’s like the M4 carbine of paintball guns! So if you are, just like me, into milsim – then this is a great choice. You will not be disappointed.

Suitable for advanced soldiers?

If you are going to play woodsball or some objective based game, then yes, this is a great choice. If you are mainly playing speedball, then no.
Reasons to buy:

  • Very reliable
  • Awesome design
  • Magazine
  • Cheap
  • Accurate
Reasons not to buy:

  • Can’t use First strike paintballs

The Final Verdict of Tippmann TMC

If you are looking for reliable markers, then Tippmann is always a safe bet. They produce great guns and TMC is evidence to that statement.

Tippmann TMC is great for woodsball and objective-based games. It has all the components needed to make you a well-respected soldier out on the battlefield. It’s accurate, lightweight and comfortable to hold. Not to mention that it’s one of the coolest looking paintball markers out there, at least if you enjoy the realistic look.

I recommend that you check our guide about the best paintball markers to see other alternatives as well.

If you are mostly playing speedball, then there are better markers for the money. Different game types require different things out of the gun and its carrier. You’ll get the most out of TMC when playing woodsball or similar games.

To conclude this Tippmann TMC review – would I use it myself when sneaking through the trees? Definitely. I love the tough look and reliability of this gun. One word: awesome!