Tippmann Cronus Tactical Review – Good or Bad?

Tippmann has been serving the paintball community for quite some time now. In fact, they have a lot of quality paintball guns out there. So we have decided to look at one of the most popular ones: The Cronus Tactical.

It’s time to review Tippmann Cronus tactical!

What’s good and bad about this gun? Is it really an improvement and upgrade from the highly respected Tippmann 98? This is a deep study of the specifics and attributes of one of the most popular paintball guns of all time.

Does it live up to the hype? Put on your war paint and let’s get it moving!

Tippman Cronus Tactical Marker – In-depth review

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Weapon specifics

Caliber: .68
Action: Open bolt blow black valve system
Air supply: Compressed air, CO2 or nitrogen
Ball feed: Gravity
Trigger: Semi-Automatic, mechanical
Standard barrel length: 9.5” (24 cm)
Effective range: 150+ feet (45+ meters)
Weight (Without cylinder): 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)

Design & Feel

When they designed this marker they probably had the M4 rifle in mind. I myself enjoy military simulation; I want the feel of being a soldier. Without being a real soldier. The Cronus tactical definitely helps with that when it comes to the looks. Some paintball guns tend to look like plastic toy’s – this one resembles an M4 rifle. This is a good thing, at least for me.

I don’t really like the white and black version of this gun; rather I enjoy the olive green version. It has a good camouflage and it looks cool.

The marker only weighs 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg) and the grip suits both small and bigger hands. The size and weight make it a good choice both for young people and adults, as it’s not too big or too heavy. Even though it’s light it doesn’t compromise with the accuracy during long range shooting.

Tippmann cronus tactical both look and feel good for a marksman. No matter if we are fighting in the forest or in the arena.

Quick intelligence
Awesome design
Firm rubber grip
Pretty lightweight
High quality material


I like the fact that they have been smart with the design of this marker. You can add a good amount of accessories to it. For example, you can add a flashlight and a laser to it, which is a nice addition for those who play during evenings or nights. Some fighting grounds have houses with several rooms and basements – without any lightning. In those cases, a flashlight or laser could be a matter of life or death.

One of Cronus Tactical’s strong points is that it’s so customization friendly. A lot of markers don’t have the option to improve or customize, which leaves players no other choice but to buy a new gun when it’s time for an upgrade. This marker could stay with you for years because of this reason. That saves a lot of money and headache.

The Cronus Tactical gun is an upgrade from one of the best and most used markers in the world: The Tippmann 98. They created one of the most popular guns in paintball history, and then they dropped a new, improved version: Cronus Tactical. Needless to say, this is a safe investment. Cronus tactical is a good choice if you are looking for a weapon with good accuracy, high mobility and high-quality materials. It fits all the criteria’s to serve its user for many years to come.

The barrel could be better, but it’s still not bad. The barrel could easily be replaced for a cheap price.

You should know that this device comes with more plastic material than its previous marker. The gun will not break if it gets shot by the enemy and the construction does feel solid. If you play in a regular manner the plastic material will not be a problem. It’s strong and can take a beating.

Quick intelligence
Great customization options
Good mobility
More plastic parts than previous model
Barrel could be better, but still not bad

Who’s Cronus Tactical marker for?

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Without a doubt a great gun for beginners and people who have been playing for a little while. It’s easy to carry and the small recoil is not difficult to get used to. Picking apart the mechanics is fairly easy to learn. Tippmann is providing you with a well-written instruction book on how to clean and adjust your paintball gun. All that you need to know is in that little book.

If you are just starting out or have been playing for a while and got tired of renting a paintball gun – then Cronus tactical is one of the best choices. All in all, it’s a very simple and easy-to-use type of gun. But don’t think that makes this gun a “beginner marker”. You will be able to be an efficient marksman with a reliable gun at your service for years to come.

You can improve, upgrade and make modifications to the extent that your marker could be a special ops device whenever you want it to.

If you’re looking for a magfed Tippmann marker I would recommend to read our review for the Tippmann TMC.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates?

Yes. It’s very easy to use and customize. One of the best paintball guns to start with.

Experienced player

So is the Cronus tactical worth the investment for people with experience in the field? Simply put: yes.

Once again the customization options are incredible, especially for more experienced warriors. If you have had a previous marker with not much modification available, you know how isolated and imprisoned it can be. An advanced soldier wants his gear to develop along with his skill, and that is exactly what Tippmann Cronus Tactical does. Or can, rather.

If you have been in the trenches before you have probably already tried the Tippmann 98. If you are on the edge of buying the Cronus tactical, then replay your experience with the 98. Basically, the Cronus Tactical is an upgrade/improvement of the previous Tippmann 98. If you liked or like Tippmann 98, then chances are big that you will appreciate this marker even more.

With the gun you’ll receive a manual which shows step-by-step pictures on how to disassemble the marker. It is expected from a company that has been selling Paintball products since 1986. With that said you can also expect the gun to be made out of high-quality material.

You can shoot 8 balls per second to up to 150 feet (45 meters), which has to be seen as good metrics. Be warned that the standard barrel is not always up to par and could do with an upgrade. If you change to the A5 barrel, then this is definitely one of the best paintball guns on the market.

Suitable for experienced players?

Yes. If you buy Cronus Tactical you are buying a marker that will be with you for many years forward. Mainly because it’s a great gun, but also because the rich options to modify it. Some experienced players might want to change the barrel, as it could have been slightly better.
Reasons to buy:

  • Very light
  • Customizable
  • Military look
  • Highly durable
  • 8 balls per second
  • Comfortable rubber grip
Reasons not to buy:

  • Could have been a little heavier
  • Could have had a better barrel

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Final verdict of the Tippmann Cronus Tactical marker

A great gun, both for the paintball fanatic as for the beginner. The thing is that Tippmann Cronus Tactical is a good gun straight from the box. But you have the option to improve the marker even more due to its modification standards. This means that the gun can be with you for many years forward, which makes it a good investment. It will not be out-dated anytime soon.

The marker is also pretty lightweight, which makes it perfect for those who are not used to running around with a weapon in their hands. The soldier might be tired after a day of fighting, but it will not be because of the gun. It is highly mobile and easy to use. Mount a laser on it and you will be a monster in the trenches!

You could say that this gun is looking like an M4 and shooting like an AK-47. You will literally make it rain paint (and pain) on your enemies. 8 balls per second will make you infamous and famous in the fields. However, I would recommend investing in another barrel to get a more precise and accurate shooting experience. Not to say that the standard barrel is bad, but it could be better.

To conclude this Tippmann Cronus Tactical review – would I use it myself when fighting the enemy? Would I recommend it to friends and team mates? Yes, without a doubt. It is indeed a great market for any paintball player, no matter grade or level of expertise.