Proto Rize Maxxed Review – Is it a good buy?

I’m excited about the Proto Rize Maxxed – and I guess you are, too. In general, I tend to think that paintball guns look a bit childish and plastic. Mainly I enjoy markers that are designed to replicate real weapons. However, even though Proto Rize Maxxed looks nothing like a real gun – I must admit it has a cool design!

In this Proto Rize Maxxed review, we will go through everything there is to be known about this gun. We will go through things like; design, efficiency, accuracy and general tips.

So keep your head low and follow us into the trenches to see what Proto Rize Maxxed is all about!

In-depth Proto Rize Maxxed review

Before jumping into the specifics of this gun, we will gather some background information and general knowledge. Some intelligence before the fight, so to speak.

Proto Rize Maxxed is an upgrade from the popular Proto Rail Maxxed. The latter has been a good friend to a lot of paintball players for around 6 years now.

The Rail Maxxed model was of high quality and is known to be a reliable marker. In fact, one of the best in this price range. But, it had some issues with the rails. This has now been fixed and is no longer a problem with the new model: Proto Rize Maxxed.

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In conclusion; a gun that was very, very popular before – has now been improved and made even better.

Design & Feel

As I said initially – this gun looks awesome. It doesn’t look like a real gun, which is what I prefer – rather it looks modern and professional. It has a clean design and on Amazon you can choose from 14 different designs. So it’s possible to buy this marker in bright colors that will glow up the whole field, but also more incognito colors for those who wish to be more anonymous. There are colors for everybody. I myself prefer the black/gray design.

Proto Rize Maxxed is a lightweight marker, it only comes at around 3.9 pounds (1.8kg). It’s not too heavy and not too light. Although, it is counted as a lightweight marker. In other means, you will be able to carry it around in the paintball arena all day long without getting tired in your arms nor hands.

I have read a lot of Proto Rize Maxxed reviews and the majority enjoyed how comfortable the marker is. 1 out of 20 were disappointed with how it felt in his hands, so I would definitely count this as a highly comfortable paintball marker. The lightweight gun and rubber grip makes it pleasant to use for several hours without any issues.

This marker runs at 140 PSI, which results in a very little kickback. Which can contribute to a better handling and accuracy.

Quick intelligence
Comfortable grip
Cool design


What I love about this marker is how silent it is. This is one of the most silent paintball guns there is, which makes it perfect for woodsball. If you enjoy operating behind enemy lines, or deep into the frontline – then this is the marker for you. For all those who enjoy a silent marker; this is a great choice. You will be the most silent shooter in the field if you are rocking a Proto Rize Maxxed.

Along with being a silent shooter, it also has a very small and smooth kick. Which is desirable for a lot of players, especially for beginners and intermediates.

Accuracy is one of the strong points for this weapon as well. It shoots straight. Very straight, in fact. The gun is reliable both long distances and short distances.

This marker does well on all types of arenas, but especially if you are playing woodsball. Your opponents will have no idea where the balls are coming from. All they know is that they got hit.

The barrel that comes with Rize Maxxed is of super high quality and there will be no need to replace it.

Quick intelligence
Very accurate
Super silent
High-quality material

Who’s the Proto Rize Maxxed for?



This is a great paintball gun for people who are just starting out or have been playing for a bit. The price tag is quite high, but can easily be justified if you plan on playing for longer than one month.

Proto Rize Maxxed is made out of high-quality material. It’s lightweight, shoots silently and the kick is minimal. It’s very rare for it to jam or chop any balls. Stripping it down and cleaning it is also very user-friendly. Check some videos on Youtube on how to clean it and you are all set.

This paintball marker is accurate as well, so it will hit the target that you are aiming for. It actually has a great accuracy for this price. You should know that it works well both long, mid and close range. Even though it’s labeled as a mid-range paintball gun, but that doesn’t mean that you can use different styles when playing with this marker. It’s very flexible to the situation you are in and you can rely on its competency all over the arena.

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Suitable for beginners and intermediates?

Yes. This is one of the best paintball markers for someone who is new in the field. A very trusted and reliable gun.

Advanced soldier

No matter if you are playing woodsball or speedball – this is a great gun. If you value being silent and not having a lot of kick-back, then this is a superb choice. Not to mention that Rize Maxxed is a nice improvement from the older Rail Maxxed.

You will not be disappointed with this marker and truth be told: it is one of the best guns in this price range. One year warranty is also a pleasant insurance for a high-quality marker like this, in case something happens.

It is made out of aluminum, which also is appreciated, both for beginners and experienced players. Occasionally you might drop the marker or accidentally drag it in the mud. No worries, it will take the beating. Same goes for different weather conditions – don’t worry about it.

Suitable for advanced soldiers?

Reasons to buy:

  • High-quality material
  • Very silent
  • Cool designs
  • Reliable
  • Great accuracy
  • One of the best in this price range
Reasons not to buy:

The final verdict of Proto Rize Maxxed

A great gun that suits both beginners and experienced players.

The biggest selling point of this gun is how silent it is. You will be able to sneak around and shoot your enemy up-close without them knowing where it came from. As for the design you can choose from a huge variety of colors.

It is made out of high-quality aluminum which makes it a reliable gun in almost all types of conditions. The kick is very small and the accuracy is good. It is competent both when it comes to shooting from a long distance to short-range warfare. If you shoot from a long distance the enemy will not even know what happened; the sound signature is so calm.

To conclude this Proto Rize Maxxed review – would I use it myself in the trenches? Yes. There is no reason not to get this marker as it has everything a paintball player would ever want and need. A fantastic paintball gun to your arsenal.