Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Review – All you need to know

Few paintball guns can compete with Planet Eclipse ETEK 5. That’s a fact. When it comes to this marker it’s not about if it’s good or not, it’s about how good it is.

A lot of paintball players have fallen in love with ETEK 5, so it’s time for us to go in-depth to see what makes Eclipse ETEK 5 so great. In all fairness, if you are going to buy a paintball marker in this price range, then you ought to know what the features are.

It’s time for our Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 review.

In-depth Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 review

Before jumping into the pros, cons and features of this weapon – let’s gather some basic intelligence. Let’s see what the specifications are.

ASA: Infinite OOPS
Trigger detection: Micro-switch
Trigger return: Magnet
Barrel: 2-piece micro honed ETEK 5 14.5″ length
Feed tube: Lever operated clamping feed
Weight: 2.2 lb / 2 kg
Length: 552 mm / 215 mm / 31 mm
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum / Composite
Interface: LED or optional 32×128 graphical OLED
Power supply: 1 x 9V Alkaline battery

Design & Feel

With 7 different colors to choose from it’s safe to say there is one ETEK 5 for everyone. The overall design is good, but nothing special. It looks like paintball guns usually do. However, the gun is made out of high-quality aluminum which gives it a nice and solid feel.

The gun only weighs in at 2.2 lb (around 2 kg) which is fairly light. There won’t be any issues of having “spaghetti arms” because you’ve been carrying around a heavy gun all day. It’s highly operative for a full-days fighting in the field. Have in mind that there are paintball guns that are lighter than this one, though.

ETEK 5 is very comfortable to hold, both the grip and how the marker is designed. It gives you the feeling of the gun being an extension of your arm and hand.

There is absolutely nothing bad about neither comfortability nor the design of Planet Eclipse ETEK 5. I would go as far to say that it’s one of the more comfortable paintball markers out there. Which is to be expected, considering both the popularity of the gun and the price.

Both thumbs up!

Quick intelligence
Great grip
Fairly light
7 different designs
High quality material


Even though there are guns that are far more expensive, ETEK5 is still among the top high-end paintball markers. The accuracy is fantastic and the material that has been used is very reliable. It’s a perfect weapon for both hot and cold weather.

Planet Eclipse are known for making great reliable paintball guns, and the ETEK 5 is no exception to that. The marker is just as efficient as people say it is.

ETEK 5 goes at 85 PSI, which is a nice conservative use of air. As a result, the gun is, obviously, using less air – but also more accurate.

The gun is marketed as a natural speedball gun, which is totally understandable. It’s a fast shooter with high accuracy. But don’t be fooled, ETEK 5 is a beast in both woodsball and scenario based games, too.

The sound signature is pretty low, so you are able to sneak around shooting enemies without them knowing where it came from. Combine that with the camouflaged color that is available and you’ll have a fantastic all-around gun.

You will be unstoppable in every type of game. At least your gear is giving you the option to be the best, after that it’s up to your skill as a soldier.

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A great gun that competes with paintball markers that costs double as much. That says a lot about the quality.

Quick intelligence
Great accuracy
Good for both woodsball and speedball
Pretty silent
Works in both cold and hot weather conditions

Who’s the Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 for?


When you are just starting to play I always recommend buying a gun that doesn’t isolate you. Meaning you can perform well in both speedball and woodsball. This is because a new player might change his game type preference within a week, or he simply enjoys playing both. More experienced players tend to stick to one type of gameplay.

Because of this reason the Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 is a great choice. As it’s a killer machine both in speedball as in woodsball.

However, that’s not the main argument for this marker. The main reason is that it’s simply a fantastic gun, in every kind of way. It’s comfortable, highly accurate and made out of solid material that will serve you well for many years forward. What more would a beginner want or need?

Simply put: this is quality.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates?

Yes. No question about it.

Experienced players

One of the awesome things about this marker is that it’s so flexible. You will be able to perform well both in speedball and woodsball settings. The marker might be a bit bigger and heavier than the absolute high-end speedball guns, but I’m yet to see anyone complain about that.

You will be able to fire from long distances without any issues and you will be able to do so at a high fire-rate. In woodsball and scenario play it might be important not to be seen or heard, luckily the ETEK 5 doesn’t make much noise at all.

If you have been playing paintball for a while, then you already know that Planet Eclipse is a well-established company with high-end gear. But, with a mid-range price tag!

Just like their previous markers; this is made out of high-quality material with solid construction. Which makes it a good investment for the future, as the marker will be with you many years to come. Also, note that there is a 12-month warranty when buying ETEK 5.

Suitable for experienced players?

Yes. It’s an awesome gun that competes with high-end markers that costs much more.
Great accuracy
Cheap High-end gear
Great for wood- and speedball

The final verdict of Eclipse ETEK 5

There aren’t really much more to say about this weapon. Writing a review about Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 is a little bit like evaluating the speed of a car that is known to be fast. What more is there to say? Although, it’s, of course, good to know some of the features of a gun before you buy it.

The final verdict in this Eclipse ETEK 5 review is that it lives up to its popularity. You can play in every type of game with it, and come out on top. It’s highly efficient and understandably one of the best guns there is.

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Are you on the brink of investing in this marker? It’s safe to say that you will not be disappointed. If you wish to buy a paintball gun of the same standard, then you’ll have to add some more to your budget. It’s a high-end paintball gun for a mid-range price. It’s hard to beat that.