Best Paint Stripper for Wood and Metal 2020 – Top 5 reviews

Wouldn’t you want to see your furniture refurbished and restored to what it used to look like ten years ago when you first bought it? It’s a delight to see things become renewed after they have worn out.

Old coats of paint on furniture start to chip off and make a terrible sight. Removing this paint for a new coat without destroying the surface underneath is difficult to achieve. Luckily, there are several products in the market such as varnishes, strippers and scrapers that can help you achieve this goal and turn your old furniture new again.

Best paint stripper for wood and metal

Furniture comes in different surfaces, which have different textures and, hence, have different requirements for a paint stripper. Surfaces with different textures need removers that can work well on them.

As it can be often confusing to choose a paint remover that fits your needs, we have listed some of the best paint strippers for wood and metal along with a buying guide to make it easier for you to choose a product.

Best disc sanding: Wagner Spraytech
“Apart from wood, it works fine on concrete and steel surfaces”

Best blade scraper: Excel Blades K11
“It has a lightweight metal body and can scrape off glues, paints and stickers”
Best stripping gel: CitriStrip QCSG801
“The gel works for 24 hours, meaning that once applied, it allows you to keep scraping the paint for a day.”
Best heating gun: Porter-Cable PC1500HG
“quite a powerful equipment for heavy-duty scraping”
Best spray: Klean-Strip Premium Stripper
“This product works well to remove oil and latex-based paints”

1. Wagner Spraytech 0513040

The Wagner Spraytech 0513040 boasts about its ability to scrape off paint without damaging the surface underneath. It intensively cleans away paint that will not come off easily. Its disc sander efficiently removes paint at any angle of the surface.

Apart from wood, it works fine on concrete and steel surfaces. The single most beneficial feature of this product is that it leaves your surface smooth without chips or indentations.

This stripper is easy to use and carry. Its ergonomic handle lets you do the scraping in a relaxed manner. It’s a one-step paint remover that has gone heavy on new technology. A lot of effort has been made to make it as safe as possible using features such as Velcro to secure it safely to your hand. It is a must-have for experts and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Powerful 3.2-amp motor
  • Aggressively removes paint without wrecking the surface
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Lightweight

  • Cannot be used to strip paint off rough surfaces
  • Stops when it heats up too much


2. Excel Blades K11 Razor Blade Scraper

If you want a scraper that works manually without any complicated operating mechanism, Excel Blades K11 is your product. Given its size, it is relatively easier to handle this little scraper than a huge electric one.

It has a lightweight metal body and can scrape off glues, paints and stickers. It is ideal for small tasks that you carry out at home or at your workplace which require less stubborn solvents.

The steel blade is resistant to rust, so it will last a long time without wearing out. Once blunt, you can change the blades and replace new ones. You can retract the blades after you have finished your work so that they remain in good condition. Looking at its features, it seems like this scraper is built to last.


  • Razor blades are replaceable and retractable
  • Fit for small projects
  • Lightweight product that is easy to carry
  • Good for the price

  • Not easy to use
  • Difficult to replace blades

3. CitriStrip QCSG801 Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel

CitriStrip is basically a stripping gel that has a thick consistency. Its application is fairly easy. All you have to do is spread it on the surface with the paint you want to take off and let it sit. After some time, wipe off the paint from the surface. The gel works for 24 hours, meaning that once applied, it allows you to keep scraping the paint for a day.

CitriStrip has a fragrant citrus smell, which avoids making you uncomfortable, unlike the sharp stench that most chemical removers give off.

The product does not have the chemical compound methylene chloride, which is notorious for causing skin irritations and chemical burns. Hence, you can safely use it at home or in a room, but make sure that the place is well ventilated. Even though it is a No-NMP product, it has a harmful compound called benzyl alcohol, which has the potential to be harmful for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Works well for stripping multiple layers of paint
  • Can adhere to vertical as well as horizontal surfaces
  • Suitable for using indoors

  • Gives off biologically hazardous fumes
  • Working area needs to be properly ventilated during its application

4. Porter-Cable PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun

For a person who likes staying in control while using a gadget, the Porter-Cable 1500-Watt Heat Gun will be the ultimate product. You can change the speed setting of this scraper’s fans. Similarly, you can set its temperature using the control dial.

With a 1500-watt motor, it is quite a powerful equipment for heavy-duty scraping. However, this does not mean that working with it will be a strenuous task. Instead, this product is lightweight and you can also use it with a stand and go hands-free while you get busy scraping off adhesives.

It improves its performance even more by allowing you to use it for various purposes besides scraping paint. You can bend pipes made of plastic or shrink them altogether. The product has a cord that is flexible, making it super convenient for you to use it however you like.

Despite the heavy features it has, this paint stripper is not durable and is likely to fall apart or stop functioning sooner than its counterparts. Thus, you will have to keep that in mind when buying this product.


  • Gives hands-free handling because of its stand
  • Adjustable fan speed and temperature control
  • Multi-purpose paint-stripper
  • Flexible to use
  • Lightweight

  • Not durable
  • Causes noise pollution

5. Klean-Strip Premium Stripper Aerosol Non-Methylene Chloride

How much fun would it be if you could simply spray on a paint remover and let it do its work without you sweating to get things done? This is what the Premium Stripper Aerosol aims to do.

It comes in a spray can which is easy to handle and only takes fifteen minutes to dissolve several layers of adhesives. This product works well to remove oil and latex-based paints from an array of surfaces such as wood and masonry. It gives spectacular results.

Premium Stripper is free from chemicals such as methylene chloride that have harmful fumes, but its vapors are still hazardous. Therefore, don’t forget to wear gloves that are resistant to chemicals when working with this paint stripper. Also, always remember to put on goggles while using it as its vapors can cause eye irritation as well.


  • Works fast to strip paint
  • Good for small projects
  • Convenient to use with its spray bottle
  • Easy to apply to surfaces

  • Can’t use to strip surfaces of bathtubs
  • Contains cancer-causing chemical compound

Before Buying a Paint Stripper

Before you go to buy a paint stripper, be clear about the purpose you want it for in the first place. The basics for buying almost any product is to first ask yourself why you need the product and whether or not it will successfully solve your problem. You must consider various factors if you have made up your mind to scrape paint off a surface.

Before you narrow down your choices, first determine whether the scraper is suitable for the surface you are working with. Remember that your goal is not just to remove paint but also to keep the surface undamaged by the product. Hence, you need to choose a product that will best suit the project you are working on.

Always remember to compare the prices of products from various manufacturers. It is normal for different brands to deliver the same results and still have a huge price difference. Go for a product that can be easily accommodated by your budget.

Another factor that you must consider is your own health and safety. There are a number of products out there that will get the job done, but there’s no alternative to one that does not expose you to harmful fumes and chemicals. Most chemical strippers contain harmful substances which are bad for you and your environment.

Plus, some scrapers that use sanding discs or blades might injure you. You should always wear protective gear if there is a safety hazard involved with the product you choose. Better yet, try to buy one with minimum safety hazards.

You should also keep in mind that since scrapers as not really expensive products, there is a chance that you might not get shipment discounts or free deliveries for them. Therefore, before buying a product, assess whether it is feasible to buy it online or should you consider visiting a store near you. Most people tend to gravitate toward looking at the product before paying for it and like to buy it from physical stores rather than online ones.

Taking Paint Off Wood

If you want to remove paint from wood, there are a number of products to choose from. From chemical paint strippers to heating guns, your options are many. Using chemicals for carved wood is the best option. While you will often hear that only one product must do the trick of removing paint, for large projects, you often need both chemical and mechanical products to thoroughly scrape off paint.

While taking off paint from a wooden surface, make sure you scrape in the direction of the grain of the wood and not against it. For chemical strippers, follow the instruction manual of the product you choose or go with the advice of a professional. Always remember to keep your work area ventilated and use sheets to collect any debris.

For your wooden furniture, you can use chemical-based paint removers like CitriStrip QCSG801 Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel. Take a good amount of the gel onto a paint brush and slather it onto the wooden surface whose paint you want to remove. Step away from your project for a while until the paint starts to soften. Scrape away the old paint, but do make sure you wear protective gear during the entire process.

Taking Paint Off Metal

For metals, you can use gels and aerosols to remove paint, so try to invest in these types of paint strippers. The kind of remover you need to have for a surface depends on the type of project as well as its size. You would most probably not use a heavy electric paint scraper for taking off paint from a small metallic chip, but you would need it for a drainage pipe. Therefore, if it’s a large project, go for a remover that does not come in a small bottle.

Prepare your working area by covering the floor with sheets or pieces of cloth. Remember that safety must be your priority. Take precautionary measures necessary for the product you use and protect yourself against any harmful fumes or corrosive chemicals.

Start by applying the stripper and let it bubble up before you take it off. Clean the metal surface after you have taken off all the paint.

Products such as the Premium Stripper Aerosol Non-Methylene Chloride can work extremely well with metal surfaces. Try that or choose a high-quality gel-based stripper.

Bottom Line

Deciding on a remover that will effectively scrape paint off the surface you want to restore is a bit tricky. However, now, you might be in a better position to make that decision for yourself.

We really recommend the Wagner Spraytech 0513040, which removes paint while keeping the surface smooth and unaffected by its sanding disc. It is a great pick for someone who is a professional and has to work with stubborn paint that won’t just come off.

Remember not to plunge into a buying spree and spending money on products that only sound good. Do thorough research before you take money out of your wallet. In the end, whatever gets the job done and does not put a serious environmental or safety threat is the best product for you, even if it did not work for someone else.