Our Story

How we came about

It was a cold evening in December. The wind was so loud that it was screaming through the gaps in our windows. Outside it was dark and unforgiving, with the snow covering every inch of ground and tree top.

Not really.

It was actually during a rainy summer day in July that the idea of Fathera.com first took form. A social gathering was taking place, involving barbeque, trivial pursuit and hanging out. A group within the group started discussing the internet, knowledge, wisdom and fatherhood. They all use it and they all had it. Internet, knowledge and wisdom, that is.

However, these three things rarely walk hand-in-hand. The people discussing were all men – all fathers, for that matter. They had a broad range of knowledge and expertise, and they all were a tad bit frustrated with some of the informational platforms online.

With this in mind, and a will to contribute, to create and to make things right – they came with the conclusion that a website needed to be created. A platform on which fathers could share their expertise and know-hows to the world. But not only to men, but also mothers, daughters, sons, cousins, friends and angry neighbours.

Said and done – Fathera was formed.

Our mission

So what is the point of all this? The short answer is: a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

The long answer is not so long, but maybe a little bit better phrased. Fathera.com is a platform made to educate people. It’s a platform where fathers can feel important and good about themselves for contributing to society. To share their knowledge that is, often, ignored elsewhere. Not because it’s bad, but because they don’t have the right audience for their wisdom.

With well-researched information and years of experience, we aim to give people a better understanding of the world and of things. Since this portal is made by a group of fathers, the content will of course has its limits. Although, we write a lot about tools, crafting, ruff hobbies and sports – there is also a softer side to us. Well at least some of us.


This site is run by a group of fathers. Men with different ambitions, experiences, ages, interests and knowledge. This gives us the opportunity to have a wide range of expertise in an even wider range of topics.

There is not much to say about the men themselves. Rather, it’s about the idea and result. And we, we are a group of men that gets the job done.

Feel free to contact us here.