Best Camping Toilets 2020 – Top 6 Portable Toilets

Best camping toilets

Being one with nature is great. Whether you’re camping in the forest or hiking in the mountains.

But we all come to a point where doing your business in a hole in the ground or in a plastic bag, isn’t all that fun. Especially during the night, when it’s dark and cold outside.

If you want to be hygienic and comfortable while camping, there is one simple solution to your problems: portable toilets.

Portable toilets allow you to enjoy all the blessings of camping without facing any of the downsides. You can go about your business with the same comfort you enjoy at home and sate your outdoorsy enthusiasm as well.

Just like any other camping product, there are several portable toilet options on the market. They vary by several factors such as size, flushing procedure, storage, and sealing mechanism. That means that there are no “one product suits all”.

We have reviewed the most popular camping toilets, to see which models are the best for which purpose. Thus, you can pick the one that suits your specific needs.

In a hurry? Here are the best camping toilets on the market today.

Best overall: Reliance Hassock Portable Camping Toilet
“It is made for people looking for a robust toilet on a budget.”

Most popular: Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable
“its light weight makes it a viable option for backpackers”

Best premium choice: Camco Portable Travel Toilet
“It keeps your surroundings clean and gives you a home-like experience while being outdoors”

Best for hiking: Reliance Fold-to-Go
“It is a minimalist product aimed at people who want to pack lightly.”

Best for hunters: Reliance Products Hunter’s Loo
“It is one of the lightest products on the market, weighing a mere two and a half pounds”

Best for large people: Playberg Portable Travel Toilet
“Being one of the largest toilets on the market, this product is perfect for big people”

Best overall: Reliance Hassock Portable Camping Toilet

Reasons to buy:

  • Durable build that can handle a person of any size
  • Very lightweight
  • The removable inner bucket makes waste disposal very easy
  • 5-year refund warranty
  • Free from smell
Reasons not to buy:

  • Extra equipment is needed for convenient usage

Good For:

As mentioned before, this is for low-maintenance campers who can do with a toilet without a flush. It has a sturdy build and a large size, so it can handle large people. Due to the absence of complex mechanisms, it is cheaper in comparison to a flush toilet. That does not mean that it is lacking in build quality, though. It is made for people looking for a robust toilet on a budget.

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For the low-maintenance campers, Reliance Hassock Portable Camping Toilet is a great option. It is a simple and straightforward device with no complex mechanisms.

The items included in the product are a bucket, a round seat and a toilet paper holder. There is an inner bucket which can be removed and cleaned. You can attach trash bags to the bucket, so you do not have to clean it every single time.

A real nifty feature of the product is the toilet paper holder. It prevents you from putting toilet paper on the ground and getting it dirty.

The toilet weighs around 5 pounds and is about 15 inches wide. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Most popular: Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable

Reasons to buy:

  • Super light and easy to travel with
  • It is among the cheapest toilets on the market
  • It controls the odor very well
  • 5-year warranty
  • Large width makes it good for larger people
Reasons not to buy:

  • It does not contain any detachable buckets. To avoid excessive cleaning, you must install waste bags
  • There is no flushing mechanism to assist the cleaning

Good For:

This product will not give you a luxury experience, but it is good enough for a short camping trip. The price certainly makes purchasing it an easy decision for a wide variety of adventurers. Although it is not very compact, its light weight makes it a viable option for backpackers. The large width of the seat means it is also suitable for large people.

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This toilet is very similar to the Hunter’s Loo in design. It essentially contains the same things: a bucket, a seat with a cover, and a metal handle for easy transportation.

The design of the lid yields better odor-minimizing results than the Hunter’s Loo. It is one of the lightest toilets on the market and weighs just 2.38 pounds. However, there is no compromise on size with the width being close to 15 inches.

Like all the other Reliance products, the Luggable Loo’s design supports the installation of a Doodie bag. Similarly, the product comes with a 5-year warranty. With the proof of purchase, the toilet will be exchanged without any hassle.

Best premium choice: Camco Portable Travel Toilet

Reasons to buy:

  • Complete setup with a great sealing mechanism
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Robust and sturdy build
  • The holding tank can be detached
Reasons not to buy:

  • Takes up more space than others
  • A lot of water is required to ensure it remains unblocked
  • Premium price tag

Good For:

This is perfect for hygiene-conscious people. It keeps your surroundings clean and gives you a home-like experience while being outdoors. It is among the largest models in its category, so it is suitable for people with a big build. However, as mentioned before, it is a little pricey due to all the features. Therefore, only people who want the best option regardless of the budget are the target market for this product.

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First up is Camco’s portable toilet. Unlike some products on this list, this is a complete setup. It contains storage tanks for both fresh and dirty water. The holding tank for dirty water measures 5.3 gallons, and the flush tank can hold 2.5 gallons.

The flushing mechanism is a combination of a pneumatic switch and a pull lever. Pressing the switch fills the bowl with water from the flush tank. When the lever is pulled, dirty water from the bowl goes into the holding tank.

The holding tank is securely attached to the toilet with a couple of side latches. It has a great sealing mechanism that locks in the odor and prevents leaks. The holding tank can be detached and emptied with ease through a discharge tube.

Best for hiking: Reliance Fold-to-Go

Reasons to buy:

  • Very lightweight and takes little space
  • Very sturdy design that can support most human weights
  • 5-year warranty
  • It is cheaper than a regular flush toilet
Reasons not to buy:

  • No storage container. Extra equipment such as waste bags need to be purchased if you want help with waste disposal
  • Given the lack of extra features, the product should cost less

Good For:

This product is great for backpackers and anyone who does not like to pack too much for camping. As mentioned before, it takes very little space, so hikers will find it very useful.

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The Reliance Fold-to-Go Toilet Seat is a sturdy and compact option for emergencies. It does not come with any flushing mechanism or storage capacity. It is a minimalist product aimed at people who want to pack lightly.

The seat is properly built and is very similar in appearance to the regular home toilet. The durability of the plastic combined with an innovative leg-locking mechanism make it a robust product.

It weighs around 4 pounds and is 15 inches wide. Once folded, it measures less than 5 inches. The legs can sustain a weight of up to 300 pounds. The design supports the installation of a waste bag, which makes waste disposal much easier. The product carries a 5-year warranty.

Best for hunters: Reliance Products Hunter’s Loo

Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Camouflage designs that blend nicely with the surroundings
  • One of the most cost-effective options on the market
  • 5-year warranty
Reasons not to buy:

  • No detachable bucket, so installing Doodie bags is a must
  • The width of the seat is quite small. Larger people should avoid
  • Closing the lid does not contain the odor very well

Good For:

This product is for people who do not usually go on long camping trips. People with such a preference would not want to spend a huge amount of money on toilets. The Hunter’s Loo is great for them, as it is a highly cost-effective option that gets the job done. It is also more suited for people with a smaller build. Due to it’s design, it’s perfect for hunters or military personnel who wants to be hidden.

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This product is somewhat similar to the Reliance Hassock toilet in concept. It contains a 5-gallon bucket with a seat cover. The cover is attached to a lid through hinges. The design is compatible with a waste bag or Doodie bag as it is called by Reliance.

It is one of the lightest products on the market, weighing a mere two and a half pounds. The width of the seat is around 13 inches. Like all Reliance products, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

Best for large people: Playberg Portable Travel Toilet

Reasons to buy:

  • Conveniently placed toilet paper
  • Robust design. When the lid is closed, it can be used as a seat as well
  • One of the largest waste capacities on the market. You do not need to make a lot of waste disposal trips
  • It is very reasonably priced, considering all the features
  • Simple yet effective odor prevention mechanism
Reasons not to buy:

  • It is quite bulky and takes up a lot of space
  • Considering the size of the toilet, a flushing mechanism should have been installed
  • There is no water system for the toilet, so it is hard to clean

Good For:

Being one of the largest toilets on the market, this product is perfect for big people. It is also great for people who want the same feel of a home toilet. Due to its large design, it is more suited for people with an RV or a large camping tent. If you are going on a long camping trip, this should be a suitable purchase.

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This toilet looks just like the real thing sitting in your home. If there was a contest for the best toilet lookalike, this product would win it.

The toilet contains an inner pail, which is removable and makes waste disposal easy. The pail has a cover which helps seal in the odor. It also has an 8-gallon capacity and supports the installation of a waste bag.

The product also has a nifty toilet paper holder attached to the side, giving you a truly home-like experience. This is one of the largest toilets on the market, with the seat width being 17 inches.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Toilet for Yourself

Having a toilet on your camping trip is a necessity for many people. Not everyone feels comfortable enough with mother nature to go on a trip without a toilet. However, choosing the right toilet for your next adventure is not an easy feat.

There are many factors one has to consider before a decision is made. It all fundamentally depends on what kind of trip you are embarking on. How long is the duration of your trip? Will you stay in an RV or in a small tent? What is your size and weight? What are your hygiene preferences?

All of these questions need to be answered before you buy a toilet. It is important to do thorough research before your purchase. After all, you do not want to buy the wrong toilet because the consequences will not be very pleasant.

Different Types of Portable Toilets

If you have been following along so far, you would have realized that there are different types of portable toilets. There are the ones that have a flushing mechanism. Some simply use a bucket that can be combined with a waste bag. Others are more like a foldable chair with a hole in the middle. Each of these portable toilets appeals to a different category of adventurer and camper.

Flush Toilets

Flush toilets are for those folks who prefer going on long camping trips that can last for many weeks. In such long trips, it is important to ensure that hygiene level remains above standards. The water in the system helps clean the bowl thoroughly. Therefore, you do not need to bring your cleaning supplies with you.

However, it should be kept in mind that if the camping trip is too long, the holding tank would have to be cleaned properly as well.

Bag Toilets

Bag toilets come in two forms: buckets and seats. As mentioned above, the Hunter’s Loo, Luggable Loo and Hassock are examples of bucket toilets that support waste bags. Their main selling point is that they are usually much cheaper in comparison to flush toilets. In most cases, they are almost half the price.

Thus, bucket and seat toilets are a suitable option for people who do not spend that much time camping. They are also good for emergencies and temporary usage.

RV Toilets

If you are camping in an RV, you probably do not want the toilet to stink up the entire place. That is why a great option for RV campers is composting toilet.

These toilets turn human waste into fertilizer that can then be discharged on plants. Due to its waste treatment process, the smell is reduced, making it RV-friendly.

Different brands have different methods of dealing with the waste. Some toilets have an incinerator option, while others use chemical reactions to speed up the compost drying process.

Waste Disposal

In flush toilets, the holding tank contains all the dirty water and waste. Usually, a flush toilet from a good manufacturer will have reliable seals, which will prevent the odor and waste from escaping. However, if the holding tank is used for long periods, it may start to smell unpleasant.

While purchasing a flush toilet, it is important to ensure that the holding tank is detachable. You do not want to carry the entire toilet to dispose of your waste.

The bag toilets do not have any flushing mechanism. Therefore, the waste needs to be disposed of every time the toilet is used. When using the bucket version of the bag toilet, always make sure you have a waste bag installed. Otherwise, cleaning the bucket would become an infuriating task.

On the other hand, if you are using a seat toilet, you do not have to worry about cleaning it. It can work with or without a waste bag. In case you do not have a waste bag, you can go to a secluded spot and relieve yourself. The earth will get some fertilizer and you won’t have to clean anything.

RV toilets provide the easiest waste disposal option. All you need to do is detach the waste tank and dump the fertilizer/ash outside.

Portability and Size

A great advantage of having a flush toilet is that you can keep it anywhere. The seals and gaskets prevent the spread of the odor. Therefore, it can be kept in your RV or your tent. This gives campers some privacy and convenience, as they do not have to look for a place outside. Unfortunately, due to its large size, it is only suitable for people with RVs and caravans.

The bucket toilets, on the other hand, vary in size. Some are compact enough to be attached to a backpack, while others take up considerable space. However, most of the bucket toilets are usually lightweight. This makes them a great option for hikers or campers who prefer to pack lightly.

The seat toilets share a similar trait. Due to their simple design and light weight, they are a popular choice among hikers and light packers. The seats are usually foldable, making the toilet very compact as well. Backpackers should find these types of toilets very useful.

RV toilets, as the name suggest, can only be used within an RV or a big caravan.

Construction Quality

Build quality is another important factor in making your decision. Flush toilets usually have an amazing build quality. While purchasing, make sure that the clamping mechanism for attaching the holding tank is strong. You do not want the waste material spreading in your RV on the off chance you forget to clean the holding tank.

Construction quality is often an issue with bag toilets, especially the seat ones. As it is not a proper structure, a seat with legs can only support so much weight. It is important to check whether your weight falls below the limit of the design or not.

As far as bucket toilets are concerned, their robustness varies a lot. If the bucket is too lightweight, it will probably not support a large person.

RV toilets are usually quite bulky and have a very sturdy build.


Choosing the right camping toilet is not an easy decision. However, by keeping in mind the factors highlighted above, you can confidently make a purchase. Make sure to buy the toilet that fits your adventure’s needs. If you are a hiker, there is no need to buy a flush toilet. On the other hand, if you own an RV, you can make some generous choices.

Do not overspend if your trip does not call for it. At the same time, be aware of the build quality and cleaning method that you prefer. Follow this guide and you shall be the owner of the best camping toilet for your needs.